Why Do Restaurants Need Online Existence?

Restaurants Need Online Existence

Having an online existence for a restaurant leaves a significant impact on a attracting the customers. These days online existence of your business is very essential part of marketing strategy. You need a website that is appealing and easy to find. Your website should be clean as it reflects your professionalism in the kitchen.

Restaurant’s online presents actively manages its online reputation. Third party review sites and social media literally help your business to grow.The reviews of the customers may be positive or negative or neutral. It provides the restaurant manager with the opportunity to connect with their customers.

Nation restaurant association says that 57% of customers read reviews on third party review sites or social media. It helps the customers to decide about their choice of restaurants.

If you have an online presence of your restaurant you must keep in mind the following things:

  1. Build a mobile friendly website

Make sure your website is user friendly and easy to navigate. Don’t over crowd your website with lots of things. Mobile friendly websites can easily be used on mobile phones. Customer should be able to get the required information related to the restaurant including address, phone number, and reservation information. Your website should be designed in such a way that fits the style of your restaurant. Good quality images and necessary information needs to be updated time to time. The pictures of the food displayed should be mouth-watering and attractive.

Never miss the opportunity to interact with your potential customers. Your posts should have quality in them and effective social media strategy gives exposure and improve your bottom line.

  • Asking for customer’s feedback

Third party review sites give customers an opportunity to post their reactions to any local business and restaurants. When you browse these sites you get to know about customer’s experiences and their personal comments. It helps you to improve your business.

  • Leverage the power of social media

Through social media you engage your customers on a more personal level and it helps in digital marketing of your business.

  • Use targeted post on social media

Facebook and twitter are the best platforms that allow targeting for local business such as restaurants. Each post much reach your targeted audience at the right time. Sponsored posts should reach your potential customers on Facebook walls; ad should be optimised on Facebook so that your customers see them easily.

  • Email Marketing

These days email marketing is very popular and effective way of reaching your customers. You can send a welcome email to your customers and proceed with sending regular updates and offers through email. A monthly newsletter is an effective way to engage your customers. Updates about your restaurants should be sending regularly.

  • Add Google Maps

 People these days use google maps to locate the online business or restaurants. It becomes easy for them to reach to the destination easily and comfortably. Google business photos can be uploaded if you want to grow your business you must have a good building and location of your business. Online presence will give you a chance to grow and updating your details of your restaurant will help you to compete in the business. You will give your customers a chance to develop long term relationship with you.

  • Online ordering a food

Your restaurant business has more chances to grow when you give the customers facility of online ordering of the food. Online orders should be manage from a single interface. Avoid mistakes; keep in mind the time by which your order should be delivered. There are a number of advantages if your restaurant has provision for online delivery of food. Online delivery enables you higher employee productivity. The food delivery process is efficient; it is beneficial for the customers and restaurant managers also. You are able to access the wider market. It is also easy to connect the customers digitally. Ordering food online is very convenient but it has some drawbacks as well, in some cases delays in the delivery causes bad impact on the customers. You have to pay extra for the delivery labour cost.

  • Online food apps

These days’ online food apps are very popular among customers. They prefer to order through various apps. The customers can connect with the desk less workforce. It provides you a competitive edge. If your orders are accurately delivered, it can help in cultivating customer loyalty. This operation of apps further enhances profitability and expands the restaurant business into new market segments. Food delivery service apps help the restaurants to capitalise the business. Large sales and revenues can be incurred by online delivery. Through online apps your customers are engaged regularly.

Online food delivery has become important especially for working class; it has formed a notable value in the Indian food industry. Initially the trend started in the urban community but now it has spread in small towns also. The corporate lives take place between 9 to 5 pm so ordering through apps is very convenient for them.

Working professionals and even students who are staying away from home mostly depend on online food apps. Women are also engaged into jobs or some kind of business, they are highly aspirational and devote less time to their household as compared to their work, so it helps them as well.

Youngsters are not satisfied with having limited number of tastes; they want to try different foods, delicious cuisines and mouth-watering dishes. Online ordering allows the people to sit together that creates a kind of common bond between them.


To the question posed before, yes restaurants need online existence. Online food ordering has created a strong image in people’s minds. It develops wider awareness about the ongoing trends in food, higher purchase power among people with exclusive multiple payment ways, attractive offers and discounts. Online food delivery has created a new dimension in the ways of eating. As Indian food technology industry will be reaching 78 million dollar. It’s important for the restaurants to have online business that helps them to enhance their business.

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